Drawing Materials and Drawing Techniques-an Introduction
by Michael Miller
  (© 1999, 2000, 2001 Michael Miller) [contact]
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Introduction Process Supports Graphite Bodycolor
  Underdrawing Paper Conté crayon Gouache
Function Incision
Crayon Watercolor
Nature studies Pouncing Parchment and vellum Stump Oil paint
Model books Offset, or counterproof Other supports Fixative Acrylics
Sketchbooks Squaring     Other media  (in progress)
First idea   Dry media Liquid media  
Working sketch Transmission Stylus Pen and ink Contemporary innovations
First finished design Mounts Metalpoint
Quill pens
Fire, gunpowder, earth, blood, etc.  (in progress)
Detail studies and life studies Collectors' marks Charcoal
Reed pens
Oiled charcoal
Metal nib pens
Basic Reading
Cartoon   Black chalk
Brush and wash
Secondary cartoon   Red chalk Brown inks Bibliography
Contract drawing   White chalk
Presentation drawing   Combined chalks
Black chalk and white heightening
Independent drawing  
Black and white chalk
Black ink
Black and red chalk
India and Chinese ink
Black, red, and white chalk
Lead white heightening
  Colored chalks and pastel Chinese white
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